Overview of the 7 Rules

Outline of the Lesson

In this lecture, I provide you with a basic overview of each rule in our course 7 Rules of Bible Interpretation Every Christian Should Know:

Rule #1 - Pre-Existing Conditions - There are no objective readers of the Bible. This chapter introduces you to some common interpretation biases. The goal is to diminish their influence in your reading of the Bible.

Rule #2 - By the Book - How to get a sense for a whole book of the Bible. This will provide the background for understanding individual passages.

Rule #3 - Context, Context, Context - How do other passages in the same book add meaning and clarity to our passage?

Rule #4 - Word Up - In this lesson, we demonstrate the richness of doing a mini-word study on particular terms in your passage.

Rule #5 - Culture Shock - This is where we seek to better understand the culture and the customs of the passage we are studying.

Rule #6 - Bible Context - How do similar passages in other parts of the Bible add meaning and clarity to our passage.

Rule #7 - Modern-day Application - Here we demonstrate how to apply the Bible's message to our modern problems, issues and questions. 

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